He is the most famous person you've never heard of.....

Alan Smithee's career is legendary. He has directed a very wide range of films across many genres. He's stepped in and come to the aid of many an embattled director, his films have been widely and even, at times, positively reviewed in Variety and The New York Times. There are serious academic articles written about his work, conferences devoted to it, and he has a cult following with a number of active sites on the web.

Alan Smithee is a pseudonym used by film industry professionals who wish to remain anonymous on a project.


Meet The Team

President Alan Smithee Productions

Anthony is an entrepreneur at heart, creating and nurturing projects. With a background in Film and TV production, development and finance, Anthony has worked with well-known producers including Steven Stabler (Dumb & Dumber) and the late, great, Menachem Golan. Anthony has developed projects for various production firms around the globe, as well as producing his own projects.

  • Anthony Salamon

Anthony Salamon

Advisory Board

Gilbert Adler

  • Gilbert Adler


With an illustrious career Gilbert has produced features that include Superman Returns, Valkyrie, Constantine, Ghost Ship and more. 

Ellen Pittleman

  • Ellen Pittleman

President Hybrid Entertainment

A veteran film studio executive at Paramount, producer, director, talent manager, author and lecturer, Ellen Pittleman has 25+ years in the entertainment industry.

Kris Smale

  • Kristopher Smale

Colorist at MPC

An 11 year veteran and acclaimed Colourist currently working at the Moving Picture Company. 

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